Alma de Bretteville Spreckels (1881 – 1968)

I love stories about women who tell the establishment to get bent.

The Daily Crud


The buxom, hourglass figured and 6ft tall “Big Alma” was a chain smoker, swam bare naked in her gigantic indoor pool in front of guests, guzzled martinis by the gallon and cared not what people thought of her.

At 14, she resisted her family’s push to wash other people’s clothes for a living and began to pose nude for up and coming artists in S.F. – she was the model for the Union Square statue of “Victoria: The Goddess of Victory” by Robert Aitken and for many risque paintings that hung in saloons all over town. With the money earned as a model, she enrolled herself in the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art to study painting and the rest she spend on her stylish attire, blossoming into a proper belle of San Francisco.

Her stunning looks, insatiable libido and booming voice would take her far. She first attracted the…

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