The Brunt: Short Stories by Miranda Culp Now Available on Kindle

Yes, its happening.  The shorts I have been toiling at for years are finally done and up on Kindle.  Please fork over the 3 dollars (of which I get 70%) and engross yourself in my slightly creepy, scary, hopefully funny imagination.  If you are a reader of fiction or maybe you are just my friend, download this collection of short stories onto your device and tell me what you think.  And you can even “lend” it for free to one person, so if you like it, let your literary friends know.  

I titled these stories the Brunt because they all thematically collect around the wonderful or awful moment when the rubber meets the road, the point of no-control that life regularly hands us.  I am interested in how this moment brings out the best and the worst in us, how it changes us.  

While I’m here, I’d like to give props to Jeremy Gilmer for coaxing my erratic ego through this process, Beth Wenbourne Katz for her ninja marketing and editing skills, my Mom, Lynne Culp for being a stringent reader and asker of questions, as well as Mona Nahm, Josh Noble, Dean Ellis, Bridget Kolakosky, Stacy Greengard Luget, and Julia Beckner for the fabulously eerie cover.  You all rock.

The Brunt Cover

Here is where you go to buy the Brunt:

Thanks for reading.  And make more art!


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