Abbott Organics Small Farm in West Sacramento: A Little Gem of Agricultural Ingenuity



I unexpectedly ventured onto an organic farm today.  Abbott Organics is  a small, independent farm that specializes in rare varieties of garlic which they make into infused gourmet salt with a simple solar process.  Their hoop houses are a sight to behold.

Todd and Amy do everything themselves.  The farm is in its fourth year and they are producing 2000 pounds per hoop house while using a fraction of the water compared to other farms their size.  Their vertical system combines a small amount of water and nutrients and uses gravity to draw the liquid down and nourish the column of plants.  They also sell crops of heirloom red, orange and purple peppers and grape tomatoes.



Blossom in the Tomato Sun House

Todd did everything right with his set up: he concentrated on doing two or three things really well, he picked a good price point with peppers and garlic and he has devised an elegantly simple way of infusing the highest quality french salt with the live, raw essence of these unique varieties.


Todd and Amy in the Pepper House.

My friend who invited me, Beth Wenbourne Katz, is working on their marketing strategy and I came along to see if I could help.  Our meeting consisted of a takeout picnic, plum picking, chicken petting and custard pie.  Image


Their method is inspiring and their product and  yield are impressive.  I am really excited to see what happens now that Beth is in charge getting them out there.  I could so stand it if this was what my business meetings looked like.





1 thought on “Abbott Organics Small Farm in West Sacramento: A Little Gem of Agricultural Ingenuity

  1. Wonderful introduction and review. One consideration, it might be best to have an airtight, even vacuum tight, storage container to preserve the flavor to the greatest degree possible. That is what my cook’s nose is telling me, I wouldn’t want a single molecule of flavor to leak away.

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