Soup Night at the old Stonehouse Brewery

Because I was restless and didn’t feel like cooking and it actually happened early enough that i could bring my 2 yr old, I took a chance on Soup Night at the Stonehouse last Wednesday.  And I am glad I did.

It’s unusual for me to walk into an event in Nevada City or Grass Valley and not know anyone.  But that was the case and it made me realize there is a whole community of families and farmers that I have yet to get to know.  The place was packed by the time we got there, people stood in line with their bowls and spoons at the ready while happy servers doled out beef curry, old school chicken or potato leek soup.  Little girls ran around  with their shoes off as the dj’s warmed up with a little 80’s kraut rock.  We ate and observed, then moved upstairs where people sat eating, talking and reading from the lending library.  Blossom followed the older girls with gleeful awe.

If you’ve never been to the Stonehouse, it’s like a cross between a medieval castle and a Goldrush era bar.  Its cozy and cavernous at the same time.

The event was an annual fundraiser for Food Love Project to promote farming in education.  So it was forgivable that the potato leek was a little on the thin side.

People in Nevada County take this kind of thing seriously.  We live in a bubble where people want to know what they are eating, where they really see local food production as a salve to a broken food system.  Wander too far out of the bubble and you will find very different ideas about what is good for the body and what is good for the economy.

Little moments like this make me really appreciate living here.  Everybody was full and happy when the DJ’s busted out some disco and Blossom and I couldn’t resist getting out on the dance floor for a few songs.

I think the answer to some of our big problems is maybe just this simple: party more!  Participate, communicate, educate, grow together, eat together, dance and laugh.  Ok, not all our problems.  But many of them would quickly evaporate if we shared more.

Thank you to the Stonehouse, one of our beautiful historic buildings, for acting as a home for these kinds of happenings.  Thanks Nevada County, for caring about your land, your food and your children.

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