Thank you 2012

You had plenty to offer in the way of learning opportunities.  Personally, I relearned that we are all ultimately alone, that this material world is largely illusory and that if you expect anything at all of people, they will let you down.  I learned that we have yet another cultural crisis to contend with: our emotionally ill-equipped children.  The truth is that our planet, our youth and our elderly, our politics and our processes are all broken.  To use a crude, tech metaphor we need to update our operating system.

I hope the Mayans were right in one sense: we need alot of these ongoing disasters to end.

2013, our hopes are still high.  Please teach us the ancient art of kindness.  We need a refresher.  Let peace break out.    Let the big shift begin.  Even if it is painful, let’s try to replace the racket with silence.  Let’s take a deep breath.

For me personally, I ask that you point me in a direction where I will be useful to my community, to my world.  Protect all of us from that sneaky ego that sets us up for pain and disappointment.

It’s a tall order.  I’m pretty sure I made the same requests last year.  I think we are ready, as a community, as a species, as an interdependent ecosystem.  Let’s get down to the bottom of all this.  And let’s all transcend.

Blessings to All,


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